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Tangents to Virtuous Circles

7 September 1979
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I'm me.

Most of the blog-like posts I make these days are over at my web site which is updated quite regularly just now. You can keep track of it on LJ by adding woss_name to your friends list.
apathy, apple, beer, biomech tattoos, body art, body piercing, bofh, books, c, c++, caffeine, canon, canon digital rebel xt, canon eos 350d, cats, cheese, christopher brookmyre, cocoa, coding, coffee, coffee beans, compressed perspective, computers, computing, crypto, curry, dark island, debian, devin townsend, digital photography, doc martens, docbook, douglas adams, duct tape, dvds, edinburgh, eggyolk, elisp, fink, freebsd, giger, gnu, gnu/linux, gnus, goth, green & blacks, green and blacks chocolate, holyrood tavern, ian rankin, ibbs, ice skating, ichat, imacs, industrial, ipods, isights, itunes, kenya aa, kittens, lagavulin, landscapes, laphroaig, lazy days, learning photography, leith, lie-ins, linux, lisp, live music, logic puzzles, lyrics, mac os x, macos x, megatokyo, metal, mornington crescent, muse, music, musselburgh, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, neverwinter nights, nice boots, nin, nine inch nails, objective-c, old speckled hen, orkney brewery, os x, penny arcade, pentlands, photography, photoshop, piercings, pixies, pizza, plone, powerbooks, programming, project colo, puzzles, python, radio 4, reading, real ale, recursion, regular expressions, sandman, scotland, scottish claymores, shiny metal things, shiny things, snuggling, software engineering, stl, stuff, subversion, tardis, tattoos, tea, technology, the archers, the auld hoose, the holyrood tavern, the regent, the west wing, thingies, tiger, today programme, tool, transmetropolitan, unix, usenet, vim, whisky, wifi, wossnames, xbox, xcode, xemacs, zoom lenses, zope